3 Reasons Infographics are Great for SEO

by Dustin on December 30, 2011

in SEO

Confession time…  I’m a bit of an infographic junky.  There I said it.

Infographics are great tools for SEO.  Any site owner that wants to improve their site metrics and eventually their rankings should be using infographics to some degree.

Here’s why

Reason #1 – Infographics Increase Stick Rates

The new school SEO practices put a heavy emphasis on stick rates.  If visitors are staying on your site it means they like the content (or at least are intrigued enough to stay – content that makes people mad also has a high stick rate)  Good stick rates tell the engines your site’s content is good!

Reason #2 – Infographics are Viral by Nature

Thinking about creating a link bait piece?  Want to build super high quality links?  Infographics can do both for you.  Put some thought into creating a great infographic and your site will be rewarded with traffic and links your competitors only WISH they could have.

Reason #3 – Infograhics Get Liked (or stumbled, or shared, or tweeted)

Ok ok, so maybe this one is just an extension of #2.  This one is technically #2.5 then.  People really “like” infographics.  They’re pretty, interesting, and fun to learn from.  It only makes sense that this type of content get’s socially “liked” more than traditonal articles.

There you have it.  3 (or 2.5 depending how you look at it) AMAZING SEO benefits to creating infographics.


If you haven’t logged into Google Analytics in a while, go do it now.

It’s a totally new interface.

Because of the recent change in Google’s query reporting policy, you’ll need to enable Webmaster Tools to see which keywords are sending you traffic.

Stuff’s a’changin

So log in and enable Webmaster Tools to get this data.  You want this data, trust me.  It tells you great stuff.  SEOMoz mentioned this:

To discover optimizing opportunities, you can use advanced filters to find keyword queries that:

  • Send you a good amount of traffic
  • You rank for, but…
  • …you don’t rank #1 (or 2 or 3)


That’s some seriously powerful advice.  You may be just a few links away from gaining better positions for keywords that make a huge difference in your bottom line.



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